Best Selling Products

Unique Designs

We design all products ourselves and make them in our workshop in the Netherlands.

Social Enterprise

We are committed to helping people who have difficulties participating in the labour market.


Mijnwand wall shelves are handmade products, so colours and sizes may vary slightly.

Industrial & Sustainable Wall Racks

Mijnwand is a creative social enterprise specialized in making unique furniture pieces. We are always busy designing and producing new products. The aim is to create things that are innovative, sustainable and affordable. Our wall racks are made from various local raw materials to produce our products as environmentally conscious as possible. For example, the oak shelves used for our racks are made from trees that are being felled during city works around Zwolle, the production site in the Netherlands. Normally, they would get disposed of. Countering that waste of resources, we use that wood to create a beautiful and sustainable piece of furniture for your home. In addition, the metal we make the frames of is produced on Dutch soil, as well. We appreciate the industrial look it creates as it is usually used in construction. It is a unique type of material in the furniture industry. 

Mijnwand is Committed to Helping People

We are committed to support people who have a distance to the labour market. With us they get the chance to develop their skills and interests at their own pace and express their creativity. They learn what it takes to work in the furniture sector even without any prior qualification. By getting accustomed with our daily processes and by working on eye-to-eye level with the rest of the team they gain experiences and establish self-confidence which will help them to take future steps in their life. 

The Collection of Mijnwand

The current collection of Mijnwand consists of unique geometrical wall racks. With these contemporary designs you can vary endlessly. If you have a modern, black/white or Scandinavian interior, our wall racks will go perfectly with it. We regularly expand our collection with even more diverse designs and many of our wall racks can also be combined. So, if you are looking for a new wall rack that suits your personality and your interior, we surely have something in store for you. 

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