About us

About us  

Mijnwand was founded by Abdi Ali in 2018 as he discovered his passion by working with wood and metal. Abdi decided to start his own despite all obstacles he had to face from a young age. With a great amount of experience and natural way of connecting with people, Abdi has made Mijnwand a place of community and support. 

In recent years, MijnWand has become a social enterprise, by giving young people with a distance to the labour market a chance within MijnWand. Abdi guides them to make a new start in life by introducing them to craftsmanship. He connects with participants as equals, accepts them as they are and gives them hope. Thereby, they are encouraged to develop a positive perspective on life. 

Generally, Mijnwand is a company that strives to give a fair chance to people who want to participate in the labour market. Mijnwand has been a platform for many young people to find direction and guidance through work and develop their own creative side.  

What we also do here at Mijnwand is teach and train. We have day activities when professional craftsmen teach skills to participants which they can use in the future. 

Abdi also gives Workshops to motivate and encourage people with a difficult background. He teaches participants all about the things they can achieve by working hard and being resilient. Sharing his own life experience with young people allows him to connect with others and helps them gain the confidence that they need to succeed. This is what makes Mijnwand a unique company that inspires others in many ways. 




Our wall racks 

Mijnwand is a young social enterprise that creates unique and affordable wall racks. All our wall racks are completely handmade. Behind each wall rack, there is a unique and individual story. Our style is sustainable, simple, and efficient. This is reflected in the natural materials we use in our products. These are all obtained locally.  

For example, the steel that we use for the frames comes from Bruins BV. This is a local metal company in Staphorst. Normally they produce steel for construction. They were initially surprised that we wanted to use this material for wall racks, but Erik Bruins has become a big fan of Mijnwand by now. Rebar is a special material in the furniture industry. We are one of the few in the Netherlands using it for the manufacture of wall racks. This creates the signature industrial look of our products.

The frames of the wall racks have been powder-coated. Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which powder is applied to the metal with a spray gun. During the process in the curing oven, the powder particles first become liquid due to the heat. Then viscous and finally cure into a beautiful and durable coating. The shelves are made of solid oak. The trees are felled near Zwolle, the production site in the Netherlands. They fall during city works and would normally disappear in the shredder. However, we use this wood and thus ensure that it is not wasted but finds a new home with you as an elegant wall shelf. This is how we combine sustainability and usefulness. 

Mijnwand will provide a real eye-catcher in your living room, kitchen, office, or bedroom! 

Our participants  

In addition to making our wall racks, we offer participants a chance to obtain a diploma or certificate. As previously mentioned, we provide opportunities to help people who come from difficult backgrounds. They can register with Mijnwand and start their own journey here with us.  

We are a recognized training company, and we have several MBO interns. We provide training and guidance so that they can eventually participate in the labor market again. Participants can make their own products and eventually get a chance to start their own businesses. 

Everyone is welcome at MijnWand! 

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