Wall Rack Zorro

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The Zorro wall shelf is composed of two squares placed on top of each other. The special feature is that the shelves are not visibly attached and therefore appear as if they are floating. In contrast to the Design Cube, you can attach the boards off-centre here. Such an industrial shelf looks particularly good when contrasted with light decorations such as plants and picture frames.


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Wall Rack Zorro


The wall rack Zorro  is a design that suits many styles. The shape of the frame is composed of two squares placed on top of each other, which creates a three-dimensional effect. In addition, the shelves give the impression that they are floating, as there is no visible fastening. This wall shelf is very versatile and can be wonderfully decorated with plants, candles, picture frames and books.


The design Zorro is a variation of the wall shelf Cube. The difference between the two is that the shelves can be placed in different positions. This gives the Zorro wall shelf the impression that it could tip out of balance at any moment. However, since there are nuts on the frame under the boards, the wood can be screwed to the frame and is thus securely fixed. You can decide for yourself how far to the left or right you want to move the boards. The maximum width of the shelf is accordingly 120cm. 


This wall rack is completely handmade. We use solid European oak for the shelves and steel for the frame which gets powder coated. This way, we deliver unique wall racks with optimal quality.


This wall shelf can be easily fixed with five screws. There is a nut in the top of the frame through which a screw can be turned. The shelves are attached to the frame with 4 screws. Due to its weight, the shelf keeps itself in balance.

(Plugs and screws not included).



Frame: 66 x 66 x 20 (LxWxD) cm.

Diagonal: 45 cm.

Shelves: 18 x 80 (LxW) cm.



Black powder-coated steel & solid oak.


Load capacity:

15 to 20 KG (depending on the nature of the wall).


The wall shelves by Mijnwand are completely handmade products. Therefore, colours and sizes may vary slightly from the specifications.

This wall shelf is part of our series of geometric wall shelves.

For even more inspiration, check out our Instagram account: instagram.com/mijnwand.

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